Invite your MP for a laugh,and you'llget one too

Hold on a sec

It's going off like a frog in a sock…

Tom Ballard
Nelly Thomas
Laura Davis
Shiralee Hood
Umit Bali
Geraldine Hickey
Osamah Sami
Michael Chamberlin
Busty Beatz

Invite your local MP to our Melbourne Comedy Gala, and you’ll score yourself a free ticket to see some of Australia’s best comedians exploring our national identity crisis.

Featuring Tom Ballard, Nelly Thomas, Tripod, Laura Davis, Shiralee Hood, Aamer Rahma, Umit Bali, Geraldine Hickey, Osamah Sami, Michael Chamberlin, Busty Beatz and Randy

Australia, who the bloody hell are we?

So what the bloody hell is it, exactly?

We’re getting some of Australia's best comedians in the same room to tackle the big questions about our national identity.
6:30 pm
Thursday, 22 September
Anthenaeum Theatre*
188 Collins St, Melbourne
*Full accessibility including wheelchair access, Auslan Interpreter and other access assistance

What's Australian aid got to do with it?

Australian Aid is at the heart of what it means to be Australian. It’s how, you, me and everyone else helps to build a brighter future for the world, so we want to spark a conversation about what our nation truly values. Here’s why: